Technology, here are the 5 most creative tools of the past year

Over the past year, both startups and larger companies have launched a number of very innovative products. Despite the epidemic, the technological world has not stopped and many devices have been launched, from the most extravagant to the most useful, to remind us that – despite everything – humans can only innovate, grow and change In this article, we summarize some of the most innovative tools that have been made. It launched last year.

Technology, here are the 5 most creative tools of the past year

  • The Konnect-i Backpack by Google. Last year, Google introduced the tJacquard technique across multiple products, Including shoe soles and a wide range of backpacks, including the Samsonite. This backpack features a smaller pen drive chip Turn the tissue into a touch-sensitive substance. By clicking on it, you can control the music playback on your smartphone, skip songs, turn up the volume, answer calls, and more.

  • MONOS portable sterilizer. You can direct UV light to kill germs on just about anything – from shopping to luggage to anything else that needs a quick disinfection and may not be compatible with soap or GermX, this device is an invaluable tool around the home.

  • KEEP, hemp container. The cannabis path continues toward legalization and social acceptance. This cannabis storage container is very discreet (looks like a smart alarm on the outside, and the display shows time and weather information) but opens to reveal more storage space. The strong point is its locking system, which It works by facial recognition or an application with data encryption. If someone is not you, try to get their hand in your hands the goods, You will be notified.
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  • Bottle Lark Movement. It is equipped with UV-C lights that regularly sterilize the inside of the bottle and its contents.

  • FightCamp Personal. It’s a complete boxing system in your home, with a punching bag, a set of lessons and exercises, gloves and bands, and best of all, Puncture detectors that monitor the speed and frequency of punches.

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