Tekken 7 Update: Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska reveals Island Paradise’s muscular gameplay and release date

This sunday, Bandai Namco The tournament finals were organized King of the hill From Tekken 7. With The teasing About the following intense Polish character, It was clear that players were expecting an announcement about it and the first real trailer was made. The person we will have to contact Lydia Sobieska This is how he showed us his mastery of karate and his beautiful face that was characteristic of battles.

Accumulating her roles as Prime Minister of Poland in the world of license and combat, we find her on the beach in full training, mentally striking formidable opponents, namely Sergey DragonovAnd the Brian Fury And the Miguel. The Play More realistic in a version under development, then shows us stand against volumes in the series like Paul PhoenixAnd the Heihachi Mishima And the Kazuya Mishima. The ending scene that resumes the humor shows it taking over its political duties, even if the normal quickly returns to the enemy. Take these fights The new training that will accompany its spring launch, Paradise Island, In which we will be able to hear remixed traits that are well known to players. All this will really make you want to be summer!

By the way, here is a description Lydia Posted by Bandai Namco, The visuals are available on the following page:

Lydia has always been a sincere and assertive woman. She believes that justice requires absolute strength, which is why she showed a great interest in Karate from an early age.

She showed remarkable qualities in both fields, composing and winning the 1st World Karate Championship at the age of 18.

The loss of his father reinforced his interest in politics, which is a family passion. Lidia showed remarkable qualities in both fields, competing and winning the first World Karate Championship at the age of 18, and most recently becoming one of the youngest rising stars on the Polish political scene. The war waged by Mishima Zaibatsu has a huge impact on Poland and she is determined to resolve the situation with her fist.

We wouldn’t be late in figuring it out for ourselves, since then Release date DLC 18 And the 19 Tekken 7 is set for Tuesday 23rd March. Lydia Thus he will join Konemitsu Within limits Season Pass 4, Which will then be closed. The standard set is still for sale 19.99 euros in Amazon If you haven’t added it to your game library.

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Update : Add description and visuals.

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