Telekom leads the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies

5G networks also enable new applications for augmented and virtual reality. With XRSpace, Telekom develops a dynamic social network in the world of virtual reality.

Experiencing virtual worlds with special glasses isn’t really new anymore, but with The fifth generation network The data required for this can now be transferred at a particular speed. Accordingly, Telekom is developing various offers in this field with partners.

One of them works with Taiwanese provider XRSpace, which is led by Peter Chu, co-founder and former CEO of HTC. One of the worlds of immersive VR and a new type of standalone headphone is being created there. Up to 400 participants can participate in the first Telekom test and, among other things, test and analyze how easy it is to use a headset that is controlled by gestures, programs, independent movements of avatars, and options for interaction with users within the global virtual.

The first 5G VR mobile phone headphone

The XRSpace Manova is the first 5G virtual reality headset designed for the general public. It can be used wherever there is a 5G, 4G or WiFi connection. This allows users to access Manova World, where real-time social interactions are possible. Users meet each other as individually designed full-body avatars. They can meet in public, watch movies together, play sports or shop together. Avatar should be able to depict movements, facial expressions, and gestures in a lifelike way.

Interested parties can currently experience how the new XR technologies work at various Telekom stores with various augmented reality applications, even with the Nreal Light Mixed Reality glasses. Among other things, the “Flying Dragons” virtual world or 3D display of daily news in real space comes to life in front of users. Many players can also throw virtual baskets with 5G smartphones while simulating basketball in an augmented reality, or place the disc in the opponent’s goal by moving their bodies during an air hockey game or create their digital twin in seconds.

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