When does Apple introduce the Professional tablet?

an Apple He did that last week IPad Pro (2021) officially announced. At the same time, the history of pre-orders is also mentioned. Apple will accept this from Friday, April 30, 2021. As far as the actual delivery date is concerned, the company is less specific. In the in-house, there’s talk of iPad Pro deliveries from the ‘second half of May’.

iPad Pro: Delivery from end of May

I now want a more accurate answer John Prosser Received from his informants. According to the link, iPad Pro will be delivered in 12.9-inch format starting May 21. Compared to the smaller iPad Pro, Apple is using better display technology for the larger model. Smaller supplies Tablets It should, according to Prosser sources, begin somewhat surprisingly on May 22. The one-day difference to iPad Pro connections isn’t unusual. Additionally, May 22nd is Saturday. Apple doesn’t usually start shipping new products over the weekend.

One of the reasons for inaccurate official delivery dates could be, for example, delays in suppliers or production of tablets. For example, there have been reports that Apple suppliers are having trouble producing a small LED display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, these problems must now be resolved. But the global processor supply crisis could also pose a problem for Apple.

The iPad Pro isn’t the only new product from Apple that currently doesn’t have a specific date for the first deliveries. Also The new 24-inch iMac It should be delivered in the Second Half of May. Pre-orders will start here, too, on April 30th.

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In addition to hardware, Apple has also introduced new software. For iPhone and iPad there is Today’s updates for new releases of iOS and iPadOS.

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