Telephone booths in Fukuoka are equipped with cell phone chargers

A pair of public phone booths in southwestern Japan provide a special offer for people. There are cell phone chargers that can be rented there. It’s a pilot project from a large telecoms provider.

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corp. She works with a manufacturer of portable chargers. With immediate effect, mobile charging devices will be installed in Fukuoka at eight locations for a period of six months. Tokyo-based Inforich supplies devices at public phone booths as well as in stores. They can also be brought back there.

Cell phone charging stations for rent

Users pay 165 yen (about 1.30 euros) for the first hour. The fee then rises to 330 yen (2.60 euros) per hour for the next 48 hours. Before using the devices, users also need to download a special application on their mobile phone.

As disasters hit Japan again and again, cell phone chargers are proving to be a must-have gadget. During the 2018 earthquake in Hokkaido, countless locals and tourists came to Sapporo to charge their cell phones at City Hall after power outages in the prefecture.

To avoid such a rush in the future, Inforich has agreed with the city to provide free chargers in Fukuoka in times of disaster. There are currently just under 66,000 public telephone booths in Japan. However, with more and more people owning a cell phone, the number is constantly decreasing.

Phone booths have become a masterpiece in Japan

This is why using the possibilities over and over again to be able to continue using public phone booths. In this way, NTT West allows cell phone operators to run radio stations in their phone booths. Mobile operator NTT Docomo wants to expand the use of its mobile networks by lowering fees for some shows so that the phone booth will last for a while.

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A Japanese artist had the idea to turn the old telephone booth into a kind of aquarium with goldfish. However, the aquarium phone booth had to face several lawsuits from the start, which have yet to be finally resolved.

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