Thanks to a mod with trophies on Skyrim and PS5 at 60FPS: Here’s how to install it –

A thank you Mod Created by Mr Wright Skyrim on PS5 can play at 60 fps and trophies are activated. The fifth episode of The Elder Scrolls may be the most loved in the Bethesda series, for this reason many still play it and want to lose its ice waste. It is likely to run for this reason Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special edition su PS5 a 60FPS Without sacrificing trophies, there may be more than enough reason to return to explore the northern part of Tamriel.

Fortunately The process is very simple. The only annoyance is that you have to deactivate the mod every time you open the trophies. This means you have to run it again and again every time you re-open Skyrim.

How to activate Skyrim 60FPS mode on PS5

You need to follow the steps below to activate the mod and have 60 fps in Skyrim on PS5:

  1. Download and run 60fps mode on PS5 with the appropriate menu item
  2. Load storage (or create a new one)
  3. Return to the main game menu without closing the app completely
  4. Disable 60fps mode from the mod menu
  5. When this is done, Skyrim mode should be enabled and run at 60fps even with files
  6. You have to repeat steps 1 to 5 every time you start the game

It is necessary to enable / disable the mode to play Cups activated. With the exception of 60FPS, if a mode is enabled, the game will automatically deactivate game objectives.

The mod is theoretical Compatible With the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but older Zen consoles do not have enough power to use 60 fps. The Xbox Series X / S has 60 fps mode from Skyrim.

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