Terra Nil: The Environmental Management Game is receiving its first completely free update

First update to Terra Nile available. The latter, his name Vita Nova, focuses on nature restoration mechanics with 5 new levels, 9 new buildings, an updated global map and a radical overhaul of the wildlife protection system. The update is available on PC and Netflix Vita Nova It will arrive soon Nintendo Switch.

In this maze of new challenges, we can find e.g Polluted Gulf. Polluted Gulf It is a desolate area cut in two by a heavily polluted river. We can also find Burnt calderaIt is a volcanic crater that should turn into a large lake of fresh water, full of life.

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First major update to Terra NileVita Nova intends to further develop the satisfying nature restoration mechanics with five new levels, nine new buildings, an updated world map, and a radical overhaul of the wildlife protection system.

New challenges include the “Polluted Bay,” a desolate landscape bisected by a polluted river, and the “Burned Caldera,” a volcanic crater that must be transformed into a freshwater lake filled with life. Vita Nova's new challenges will put your environmental skills to the test in interesting and unusual ways.

As you progress through the campaign, Vita Nova's enhanced map – now fully 3D and freely rotatable – will give you a more accurate and personalized overview of your efforts to bring this desolate world to life.

A completely redesigned wildlife system brings more life to the landscapes you encounter on your way. Animals appear more natural during play, plus they have deeper needs to satisfy to promote their growth and make them reproduce. This new strategic dimension to the game allows you to admire more animals – including an entirely new species, the tiger – while restoring nature.

Terra Nile It is a meditative and relaxing city building game that invites you, using advanced environmental technologies, to transform desolate and barren areas into thriving and dynamic ecosystems. Purify the soil, clean the oceans, plant trees and restore wildlife before recycling your devices so they leave no trace behind.

Vita Nova is a free update to Terra Nile. Available on PC and Netflix, this content will arrive soon on Nintendo Switch.

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