Test: City knockout, ball to the right

We certainly weren’t the only ones surprised to discover that behind this strange ball game for prisoners (or prison ball depending on your location in our beautiful country), are the developers at Velan Studios, including the game’s only previous video that was actually a video game, namely Mario Kart Live: Home Arena. To understand how the studio transformed from radio-controlled mini cars to an online gaming service, you have to go back to its origins, when it was founded a few years ago by Karthik and Juha Pala. Two brothers who, in 1994, created a small studio called Vicarious Visions, to which we owe in particular a shovel of licensed games in Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and DS, and tons of Spider-Man, X-Men, or Crash Bandicoot titles, but also Series Tony Hawk Pro Slider Even later, Guitar hero. If that doesn’t necessarily allow us to assign them experience in the game online, then this is a resume really more intense than “Only Mario KartThis allows us to imagine that the studio’s founders were able to spend years working Play Simple (sometimes even simplified), to which it was necessary to add a file torsionIt’s a good idea to stand out from the crowd and gain audience support. If we were surprised to see Electronic Arts betting their money on such an unusual horse, we’d be glad to discover that it is neither FPS nor Battle royale Not to mention the mediocre TPS in tights or armor.

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