That is why the cell phone must be switched off or in flight mode on board the aircraft

What would actually happen if passengers failed to comply with current regulations to activate flight mode on their mobile phones or tablets during the flight? Is this really dangerous? The travel book was once explained by an expert – the answer is surprising …

Everyone knows that: You’ll get on a plane, sit down, and shortly before take off, the announcement comes: “Please make sure that electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets are turned off or in flight mode.” Something like that is ads on every plane. Why in reality? What could really happen?

Quite a few passengers suspect the devices directly disable onboard electronics and could be responsible for serious accidents. It’s not that cruel, but of course there is a good reason why every passenger should stick with it and at least switch their gadgets to flight mode.

Why should I enable Airplane Mode

A video from “Huffington Post” explains why: If the mobile phone is not turned off or in flight mode, in extreme cases the pilot may hear background sounds – similar to those made by a loudspeaker when approaching the mobile phone too closely. This could result in the pilot being unable to understand the important radio signals (completely), which could have dire consequences.

A German airline captain told TRAVELBOOK that this happened to him several times, “but without any worse consequences.” Thanks to modern technology, it is “unlikely” that a cell phone will interfere with radio signals, the pilot continues, but this cannot be completely ruled out.

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Risk approach

The cell phone radiation, which can disrupt the radio waves of the on-board communication system, is to blame. This could be a risk, especially during an approach, if all passengers operate their cell phones at the same time – then they contact their respective providers. “As a rule, this noise doesn’t even reach the pilot today,” the captain says reassured.

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