Galaxy Labs launches two modules for optimization of Samsung devices (photo)

Filippo Morgante

Samsung Trying in every way Improve consumption and performance Of its devices. With this in mind, it was launched 2019 The new application is called Galaxy Labs, It works Similar to a nice lock: It really has Different modules Users can download to make a variety Computer functions. There are several blocks already in place this week Updated to version 2.0, Others Both are completely new They have been introduced.

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Battery tracker Received a little Visual update, Which allows you to show the screen in real time on 7 day and 24 hour maps. Battery Guardian Instead it got a more substantial update, bringing with it many new features related to it Energy saving screen And this Overnight battery storage. Volume File Guardian It was instead Abandoned Now most Samsung apps have their recycle bin.

For RAM management, Samsung devices can also be trusted now Memory Guardian, A new module, allowing you to see what it is Processes use up your RAM. You can Delete applications From memory, you get profit Historical map Will show RAM Partitioning Between computer, running applications and cache processes.

Finally Thermal Guardian Help for your smartphones Do not overheat Thanks for the controlling ability Thermal entry slider, Deciding for yourself when the phone should start Decrease performance To preserve the temperature. This is also possible by selecting I The points are indicated on the map Find out what temperature caused, what applications High heat.

Get through all the updates and new modules Galaxy Store Or by downloading Relative APK: Galaxy Labs, Galaxy Labs Agent, Battery tracker, Battery Guardian, Galaxy of Booster, Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian.

Via: Android Police

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