That’s how beautiful a horror game with ray tracing is

A glance the average Much immediately mentioned the silent Hill. Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is responsible for musical similarity. Perhaps the visual similarities are mainly due to the atmosphere and the psychological horror experienced by the protagonist Marianne in two different realities.

The Split screen game He has a lot to offer graphically and become Version 28 January 2021 For PC and Xbox Series X / S with Laser tracking Be equipped. You can see how realistic it is in the new RTX trailer.

The moderator in the RTX trailer

From a horror game developer partnership Team Bloober With the king of drawing NVidia The game will include The latest version of the Unreal Engine Plus Microsoft DirectX ray tracing technology.

In a new trailer, the developers explain what the game will look like with RTX enabling realistically reflective surfaces and enhancing the dark atmosphere:

What is the horror game about? In “The Medium” you come across a dark mystery that can only be solved by a moderator. To do so, you can slide into the role of Marianne and enter a real, mysterious and terrifying ghost world. Along the way through the various dimensions, she must use her psychic abilities, solve puzzles, and return to an eponymous creature. Helmouth Who was born from untold tragedy.

You can find more information and news about Bloober Teams, the most ambitious game and experience “The Medium” to date, on our site. Topic page.

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