The $500 Device for American Patriots Could Be an Inexpensive Cell Phone from China

Eric Feynman, a Bitcoin millionaire and Trump supporter, claims to have developed a “completely uncensored” smartphone using the Freedom Phone. But there are many catches.

Eric Feynman was a bitcoin millionaire at the age of 16. Feynman dropped out of high school, moved to Palo Alto in California without his parents, and founded several startups there. The young entrepreneur also made investments, for example in Metal Pay, a crypto company. Currently, his Bitcoin fortune is said to be $13 million. His current project, the so-called Freedom Phone for American Patriots, has brought more criticism to the 22-year-old’s supporters.

A ‘Uncensored’ cell phone from a factory in China

Since the device Finman advertises as a “completely uncensored” smartphone and charges for $499.99, it’s likely to be the A9 Pro from China’s Umidigi, as Written by The Daily Beast. Cost: about 150 euros. Meanwhile, Finman confirmed that the smartphone was manufactured by Umidigi. But he insists that production does not take place in “mainland China”. his seat Umidigi hat But in Shenzhen. The manufacturer is famous for its entry-level devices, which it sells exclusively online via Aliexpress, Ebay or Amazon.

Meanwhile, Finman only provides some details about the smartphone on the Freedom Phone page. It will apparently go on sale in August. The smartphone should also have a 6-inch screen as well as a “large memory” and a “great camera”. Need more technical details? “It can do everything your current smartphone can do, except censor you.” In addition, you can quickly switch from your old cell phone to the new one. The point is that the big tech companies can no longer block free calling.

Freedom phone comes with FreedomOS built on Android

Feynman might play on it Banned on Donald Trump’s Twitter account As well as the intermittent expulsion of right-wing extremists and right-wing in particular Popular Parler app. Accordingly, Finman offers Freedom Phone with a so-called “uncensored app store” and has pre-installed apps like Parler or Newsmax, but also Duckduckgo. The device has the so-called FreedomOS as its operating system, which, according to Finman, is based on AOSP, LineageOS, and GrapheneOS.

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Hooks on designs Des Crypto Millionaire: AOSP is the open source version of Android and LineageOS and GrapheneOS themselves are based on AOSP. The allegedly uncensored App Store appears to be just the renamed Aurora Store, from which you can access apps in the Google Play Store, as with Golem means. However, Google services and apps are not actually pre-installed. But there is more criticism leveled at Feynman, as he apparently uses the iPhone himself. on the site It also relies on Google Analytics and payment services from Apple, Google, and Amazon.

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