The FDP calls out a storm warning system with a text message on a cell phone

Parliamentary Director of the Free Democratic Party’s parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, has called on the federal government to reform the disaster information system and warn residents of impending storms via mobile phone text messages. “The flood disaster is a terrible tragedy,” Buschmann told the German Liberation Network (Tuesday edition). “A lot of suffering could have been avoided if the victims had been warned in time.”

Smartphone users via DTS News Agency

He added: “I have nothing against sirens. But a text message on a smartphone can warn more accurately. So the federal government must go its own way and, like other countries and the European Union, rely on simple warning technology.” , specific warnings can be sent to affected areas without mobile phone numbers.” Large segments of the population can be quickly and easily warned and informed. “This does not require any new technology or application.” This technology, which experts have advocated but is expensive, must now be used consistently “Using this technology can save human lives.”

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