The application warns the citizens of the region of storms

Heavy storms, torrential rains and floods, like the recent storms in the Ahr Valley, are breaking out more and more often in many regions of Germany. It doesn’t always have to be terrible and life-threatening, but it’s important to warn and prepare in time for any coming storms. Many regions in Germany, including the province of Würzburg, have a mobile phone warning system? KATWARN?? It was introduced as a complementary warning tool to extend existing warning structures via radio and siren warnings. This is reported by the Würzburg District Office in a press release

In addition to severe weather warnings across Germany from the federal authority Deutscher Wetterdienst ?? (DWD) Regional Connected Control Centers and State Case Centers send local warnings directly to affected people via KATWARN. Requirements: Free warning app?? KATWARN?? installed on the smartphone or you are registered with SMS and email service.

The District Administrator, Thomas Eberth, is therefore recommending that all citizens of the District download the free KATWARN service to their smartphone. The report tells the press that in stormy or dangerous situations, the widest possible channels of information are valuable. That’s why the County of Würzburg activated this disaster control service in 2016. The KATWARN warning system specifically warns people in dangerous situations from their mobile phones. But in order to reach as many people as possible, people first have to voluntarily log into the system.

It is not only about disasters, but also about extreme weather phenomena. With this knowledge, you can prevent especially minor damage, for example if you just want to put garden furniture in the garage or car in the event of a snowstorm ?? , assures area manager Thomas Eberth. ?? There are many ways to protect yourself, but also your belongings. So we hope the app will be widely used, including by district fire consultant Michael Ritzenstein.


The KATWARN app is available for free for iPhone in the App Store, for Android phones in the Google Play Store, for Windows phones in the Windows Store, and now also via Huawei AppGallery.

Alternatively, KATWARN offers free SMS/Email warnings about the registered postal code area. A text message to the service number 0163?? 755 88 42:?? KATWARN 12345 [email protected] ?? (for zip code 12345 and optionally e-mail).

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