The auto mechanic simulator is heading to virtual reality in the second quarter of 2021

Car enthusiasts will be happy to know that this virtual reality title brings a mechanical workshop into their homes. at VR Auto Mechanic Simulator Players will have to use the tools, techniques, and parts found in a real auto mechanic shop. This title will reach virtual reality PCs in the second quarter of 2021.

This title puts the player in an experience reimagined based on 2018 Car mechanic simulator. From the use of expensive tools to the restoration and repair of vintage cars, players will test the world and work mechanics from the safety and comfort of their homes.

It is the natural progression of the simulation title. With the virtual reality system, players can plunge more into an exciting career. Build, repair, paint, tune and drive cars in classic exploration. The more dedicated you are to this game, the more and more the game expands and expands, allowing for new gadgets, space in the garage and more.

Enter a world full of unique and classic cars. With Barn Find and Junkyard’s model, players can extend their services as a repair mechanic and bring recovery back to life.

The only thing that makes these simulation games so amazing is their attention to detail. The game includes 42 cars, more than 10 tools, and more than 1000 unique items that can be exchanged or installed. It may be a game, but global players work full time.

The game also includes a car auction where players can resell old cars. The game will create an endless mission with the goal of keeping the player busy as they slowly work to get their dream car as part of a future purchase effort.

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This game strives for realism, so players will need repair to dismantle complex engines in an effort to fix smaller parts. Although the title has not yet been released, the game is expected to sell for € 30 on all VR platforms.

This title is ideal for fans of all ages. While best suited for adults, it’s as clean as the game as long as the fans don’t count the motor oil. Just log into the virtual reality world and start working on tons of complex cars throughout the game.

VR Auto Mechanic Simulator distance steam Live page for audiences interested in exploration. Anyone interested in a mechanical job can take a look at this unique address and get all the answers they need.

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