The barcode scanner is also a dangerous application

Occasionally Google Play Store Apps can lead to dangerous or annoying Android devices Malware The same thing applies with ezines and newsletters Bar mark reader scanner.

This is not a new app, it has been in the Google Store for a long time, it has crossed 10 million installations and This issue seems to have come up since last December: Following the update, in fact, the application has changed from an innocent barcode scanner to a malware application.

Another malware stuck in the Google Play Store

The Google team has already removed the barcode scanner app from the Play Store (package name) com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner), Its issue seems to have been updated in early December, thereby adding malicious code, which was not present in earlier versions of the app. It also appears that the added code used specific measures to avoid being detected.

If you are wondering what the behavior of this new version of the app is, the answer is simple: minutes after it was installed, it started showing aggressive ads with links to the Play Store for downloading other apps.

Unfortunately, removal from the Google Play Store does not mean that the questionable application has been removed from all installed devices and that victims have to uninstall it manually (if they find that reading such an article hides the malware or use a specific device analytics software).

It is not known how long the barcode scanner was a legitimate application in the Google Play Store before malicious, but it may have been in the Android Store for many years.

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It is also important to note that updates are sufficient to prevent malicious use of an application, all of which may not be possible without Google Play Protect’s security features.

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