Microsoft 365 brings new mobile features with Cortana

It has been the will of Microsoft’s engineers for months: to introduce new features on Microsoft 365 thanks to Cortana. This time my official: in Article Blog titled Productivity improves on mobile (even if we’re less mobile)Microsoft has unveiled a whole slew of new updates powered by Cortana, and we’re not okay with that.

Cortana will improve the mobile experience on Microsoft 365

It was time! Perhaps this is what Microsoft 365 users will say to themselves. Microsoft just announced new AI features for its main mobile tools: Outlook, Teams, Microsoft Lens, and Office mobile. The artificial intelligence developed by Redmond, called Cortana, will simplify a large number of tasks within these applications. It is not a surprise. We learned that Microsoft has been looking for nearly two years to redirect the use of Cortana to Windows 10, for productivity purposes.

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Among the major new features, we especially find the so-called “Conversation” feature in Outlook. Outlook users on iOS will be able to require Cortana to read their emails. Microsoft is talking about it “ The first attempt to create an interactive voice-assisted experience aims to provide useful ways to organize your daily life.. It suffices to say a little loudly: “Hey Cortana, emails! ». The voice assistant will read your latest emails. You can also use Cortana to schedule an appointment directly from Outlook.

Introduction of subtle task shortcuts

Other big updates include the Teams collaborative app. Cortana will help you find files or a specific conversation, thanks to voice recognition. You will be able to speak a query aloud, and Microsoft’s AI will help you find messages, meetings, files, and anything else in Teams. The app also adds a collaboration feature for video content. This should allow users on the same team to contribute the same content or create intelligent analytics from Microsoft Lens.

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Finally, Redmond’s latest major update: the introduction of the ‘Small Task Shortcuts’. These should allow you to save time on your daily tasks. For example, you can create quick forms or surveys in Office or Teams, schedule a meeting with weather forecast, use the Microsoft To Do tool, and more. In short, there is a whole bunch of little features outlined in Microsoft’s blog, that will make your life easier.

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