The Bellnatchik Affair: “Coup against Kurtz & Co.”

Belnasik – one civil servant, two scientists

The Search Network consisting of Profiles, Der Standard and ORF (as well as the Parliamentary “Ibiza” Committee) now has more chat logs and documents than Pilnacek’s mobile phone.

Image condenses. Belnasik was not just a well-connected government employee. Sometimes it played a double role. As a department head in the Ministry of Justice, there is a consultant for the ÖVP.

In this context, his internal and external communications must be explained.

Inside: From Johan Fuchs, head of the Vienna Prosecutor’s Office (there are also investigations against him), Belnasik repeatedly received documents related to the prosecutor’s selected investigations (although Belnasik has not been responsible for this since the fall of 2020).

On the outside (which in Belnasik’s case also to some extent on the inside): see ÖVP and here contact Blümel’s chief of cabinet. In addition, Belnasik was also involved, for example, in developing a parliamentary question from ÖVP to the Ministry of Justice (for all things Blümel’s HD related).

On February 16, 2021, ÖVP Member of Parliament Michael Steinaker placed the Federal Ministry of Justice (addressee Alma Zadic (The Greens), represented by Werner Kugler) in 25 parliamentary questions “regarding actions” of the WKStA against Finance Minister Blumel.

A Word document with the file name “Parliamentary Question Regarding HD Blu_mel.docx” was found on Belnasik’s mobile phone. Obviously, it was a draft of the last request, from the metadata, IT experts were also able to determine the author of the document: an employee of the ÖVP Parliamentary Club who previously also worked with the President of the National Council ÖVP, Wolfgang Sopotka.

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