The best apps to see if they tried to unlock your mobile phone

Increase the security of your mobile phone with these apps to find out who has spied on your smartphone.

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Have you ever felt like someone Try to unlock your mobile phone without your permission? Although this may seem far fetched, it is the most common situation of our time.

If there’s something we all worry about today, it’s that people outside of us can access it without our consent personal information Stored on our devices.

The best apps to see if they tried to unlock your mobile phone

The best apps to see if they tried to unlock your mobile phone

Therefore, it is important that you have all possible safety methods in place to try to maintain the best possible protection. If you feel like you are going through a situation like this, here are three apps that will help you find out if they exist Try to unlock your mobile phone Without your permission.

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The best apps to see if they tried to unlock the mobile phone

At the moment, it is possible to find different applications that confirm for you “Inform yourself” The moment someone tries to access your computer without Authorization by unlocking failed.

The point is, not all of them are really effective or free. So, we prepared a small top part with the 3 best apps to see if they have them Try to unlock the mobile phone And they work really well.

Fraudster catcher

In applications to detect Misuse of your device A crucial mention is Crook Catcher, a very useful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tool that will help you decide who is trying Enter your cell phone incorrectly.

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The application has potential Configure various parameters, Including the number of failed attempts, notifications, front camera capture when an unlock error is detected, the exact location of the device, and more.

It’s too Comprehensive yet easy to use. However, it does have a downside and it relates to its free version, which has a lot of ads, and we know that can be quite annoying.

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However, you can purchase the premium version for a one-time payment of $ 3 and skip all of these, plus access some great additional features that you just can’t stop trying.

Lock clock

Lockwatch is one of the The most popular of this style. Plus it’s free, Complete and effectiveEspecially when it comes to wanting to watch whoever is trying Between our phone Without our permission.

What makes this app special is that you just need to install it, give it the necessary permissions and do some configuration to make it work flawlessly.

Once installed, the app allows you to configure an option to send an email to the address you add if an attempt to access the mobile device fails.

Lock clock

Lockwatch, ideal for capturing intruders on your mobile device

You can configure the maximum number of attempts before sending the alert to your email. Now what information are you sharing in your email? When the number of failed attempts runs out, the app will send you an email containing the GPS location of the phone, a map of the area and a photo taken with the front camera to find out the identity of the intruder.

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And the best part is that you can access these features completely for free. However, it does have a one-time payment release in total $ 4 That unlocks three additional functions: SIM change detection, Take more than one photo Intruder trying to unlock the phone and record a file sound clip To issue an alert.


this is The application is very simplePractical and effective as a method of security or at least surveillance to find out who has it Try to unlock your mobile phone. The app in question is WTMP and it allows you, among other things, to keep a detailed record of failed or successful unlock attempts on your mobile phone.

However, that’s not all that this app can do. If you give it the Access and Permissions Necessary, you can find out exactly who it was Manipulating your mobile phone without your permission. How is this possible? very easy.


WTMP is an easy-to-use application to catch those trying to snoop on your mobile phone

This application has the ability to take a picture by The front camera of the device When the device model or password is entered incorrectly. In this way, it is impossible not to recognize inappropriately trying to reach.

The best thing about this app is that though Run in the background, Does not affect The performance of your device, Since then Energy consumption is very low It is only activated when the input data is placed in the wrong direction.

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No more snoopers! Now that I know these Three great apps-You can increase the security of your phone and arrest the person who inappropriately tries to access your information and violates your privacy.

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