The bug that ruined the lives of Android users has been fixed

Google Maps is one of the most useful apps for getting around, but in 2024, Android users encountered a very annoying bug that made the navigation feature unusable. Fortunately, Google listened to the complaints and finally fixed the issue.

If you're an Android user and use Google Maps in 2024, you've probably encountered a very annoying bug that rendered the navigation function practically useless. But rest assured, Google has finally solved the problem!

A very annoying bug for Android users

For most of 2024, Google Maps saw a major navigation failure that mainly affected Android users. This error is related to the function that allows multiple destinations to be entered in the route. In fact, even if it could be configured well, this function did not work properly and time had to be wasted to get a valid path again. This error has been widely documented Reddit for example.

When everything works, a Google Maps user who has arrived at their first destination can press the Continue button to receive directions to the next destination. However, this feature no longer works. Although the Continue button is visible, it does not respond when clicked. In this case, users had no choice but to close the Google Maps app and manually re-enter the next destination after reaching the previous one.

After months of waiting and user complaints, Google finally listened. Latest app update, version 11.131.0102, published to fix this bug. This update once again allows you to use the multipath feature without fear of a crash. It's a real breath of fresh air for those who rely on this feature in their daily lives.

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Other changes

Apart from fixing this bug, Google Maps has also announced several exciting updates that will improve the user experience. These new features are not unanimous, especially the related changes timetable.

Starting December 1, 2024, the Your Timeline section will only be accessible via the mobile app, a change aimed at centralizing features and making them more accessible. This change causes a reaction, as we can see Redditthe community that complains about the loss of a practical job.

Source: Reddit

One of the big new features is the incorporation of artificial intelligence for more accurate searches. This feature allows you to find places of interest more accurately, whether they are restaurants, monuments or visiting points. In addition, AI is now able to generate summaries of the best photos and reviews, thus providing tour guide recommendations or personalized tour schedules.

Source: Google

Finally, Google Maps continues to develop its 3D maps, providing a more complex and detailed visual representation of the Earth. This feature, which has already been appreciated by iPhone users, allows for more immersive and precise navigation, especially in crowded urban areas.

Immersive Display // Source: Google

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