These are popular apps that send your data to Russia

Millions of users affected

Among the applications in the list that Nomirama website He was able to check and who uses this program, we found courier and delivery services, used mainly in Russia. But there are other apps that are well known in France, such as the car sharing platform Blablacar as well as many popular games like Helix Jump,, Akinator, Solitaire and many more. You use the Reverso translation service as well as the RTL radio app, AppMetrica.

Thus, several million users will be affected by this data collection. Use of data provided by Appfiguresan application analysis service, the Financial Times was able to relay the information.

Useful games and apps

Games account for more than 40% of the applications that use this program, and this is the case of applications developed by Easy Brain, one of the leaders in this sector (claimed 1 billion downloads), and the French publisher Voodoo or even Saygame. Games like sudoku, puzzles, or cards are among the most downloaded. Finally, many applications for scanning, document conversion and simple photo montage are also on the list.

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