The bus driver was caught carrying a cell phone while driving: his excuse in court is to raise hair

In order to avoid being penalized for using a mobile phone at the wheel, a bus driver attempted to photograph the motion as grooming a beard in front of a district court in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt am Main – A bus driver failed in court when he tried to portray the cell phone violation while driving as a harmless shaving of a beard.

Photo montage: The police filmed the bus driver using his mobile phone at the wheel, so his excuse (pictorial) was not made. © Montage: 123RF / macor, Thomas Lukasque

Judges classified the man’s statement that the mobile phone was in fact a hairbrush “just a precaution.” How is that District Court On Monday, it was announced in Frankfurt am Main that the man was fined 180 euros (971 Owi 363 Js 72112/19).

The police took a picture of the bus driver while he was on the phone while driving. However, the 31-year-old claimed at the main session last summer that he had combed his beard with only a hairbrush.

The brush shown in the court was curved – unlike the device in the photos. The recordings also showed that he was holding the device to his ear.

The court justified its decision by saying, “The combing process, which inevitably requires a comb pointing down and / or to the side, cannot be seen in the pictures.”

According to the local court, the decision of June 16, 2020 is not yet legally binding.

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