The man finds his deceased wife thanks to virtual reality

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In short, progress in terms of virtual reality is plentiful. So it is not surprising that this South Korean was able to see his wife again through virtual reality. A touching experience for this man who was able to see his dear and his tenderness again after death.

Very touching reunion

For some time now, technology has enabled some to weather the bereavement. At the end of the year, Kim Kardashian for example managed to find her father Robert on his birthday thanks to his holographic technique. An experience that left its mark deeply. The ingenuity doesn’t have to be proven in terms of virtual reality either. It is evident from this report that comes directly from South Korea, where we discover a man under the influence of passion. The latter comes from To find his wife deceased thanks to a Virtual reality headset.

In the second season of the documentary MBC” Meet you “Kim Jung-Soo, a 51-year-old man, got to see his wife again through a virtual reality experience. According to the channel, this meeting took nearly six months to materialize. The idea was that Reproduce multiple movements And the interactions that Jung Soo’s wife had with him. To make everything as real as possible, The actress even reformulated her voice By being as close and fair as possible to the Jung-Soo woman. This experience would have allowed him to turn the page.

When virtual reality helps mourning

So Kim Jung-Soo was able to see his girlfriend again and dance beside her. What left him stunned, silent, moved to tears. It was also her five children who stood by. MBC, The South Korean Channel This is not his first attempt. As part of the same documentary series, the mother found her deceased daughter. Mimicry, gesture, sound … everything has been recreated so perfectly that this woman can mourn and celebrate her daughter’s birthday, as in her memories.

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