The Citadel, the new VR arcade experience from LDLC Group

Runes Tales: The Castle It is a cooperation game in virtual reality. This is the first chapter in a series developed by LDLC Group’s VR studio. The group from the Lyon region intends to show it to virtual reality arcades all over France, and why not more?

the group LDLC, which was created in 1996, is The French leader in e-commerce in the field of information technology and high-tech products. Over the years, the small startup Lyon has developed in concert with a sector where innovation is mastered. Thus it is logical that the group Turns into virtual reality. This burgeoning part of new technologies could soon compete with artificial intelligence. Even if it remains, for the time being, the playing field with the establishmentVR . studio, named LDLC VR Studio, NS And Video game development.

This VR games are the first for the corridors who provide the horns or immersion places in free movement. The first format allows individual or cooperative use in a small area. The second requires rooms of at least 200 square meters and the usual computer as a backpack. Nowadays, LDLC Group produced three games. Last, Runes Tales: The Castle, is the most ambitious.

The Castle, the first chapter of a new franchise

The Castle, the first chapter of a comprehensive story called Rune Tales, is A multiplayer co-op game to be played the horns An individual. Two to four players participate in the trial, which lasts between 20 and 25 minutes. Immersed in a world imbued with magic, hmm They form a team and basically have to face hordes of enemies orcs and orcs. The virtual reality studio in Lyon immerses gamers A medieval world, in the heart of a city that must be freed from the grip of an evil sorcerer. As you advance in the level, it is possible to win magical weapons and them Equipment in order to prepare to face the final boss. Players will be presented Various forms of the gameaccording to their level.

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the group LDLC poses here The foundations of the franchise he wants to develop next. Thus we can expect a sequel, i.e. a second chapter, which will complete the adventure of Rune Tales. However, by developing this arcade game, That’s all in S.LDLC VR studio who wants to grow. Since in addition to video game production, Gsoup Supports arcade operators to revive their projects.

Complete launcher for quick installation in the arcade

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