No, The Mandalorian video game is not in development

at the end of last week, gameplay videoPreviously stolen from a game The Mandalorian It supposedly caused quite a stir on Reddit and was picked up by a few mediums, speculating that an adaptation of star wars series It was really good and in development.

Unfortunately, that is not the case Who leaked the game Currently under development chez Lucasfilm Games, but it works from certain Christopher Turner, a video game teacher in Canada.

After surfing the internet over the weekend pranking him, the developer did it Explained in front of the camera who – which play view It wasn’t originally, but Exercise in Unreal Engine To explain some principles Chara design and 3D modeling.

desire to go always farther In what he was able to do (and with the desire to impress his students), Turner embodied son model In all directions: The Mandalorian He found himself in the halls of an imperial ship, and then took over everything set of animation, before confronting des stormtroopers (which had to be modeled as well).

In such a good way, Christopher Turner said to himself that he would be a shame about it stop now I want to include all of that short show With real gameplay. That’s when the idea was Trick It came to the master’s mind, who even managed to make it seem like that The fake game is under development employment google stadia, just to further confuse the issue.

We are sorry to bring Bad News For fans of the show who were hoping the leak was real, but it clearly isn’t. If this can console you, we remind you of itUbisoft Massive The Division is currently working on an open world Star Wars action/adventure game.

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