The computer, the new essential tool for high school students from Napoleon to L’Aigle

These computers must erase the inequality of access to digital (© Le Réveil Normand)

At the entrance to one of the buildings Napoleon High School, to me eagle (orni) Room overflowing.

Thursday, September 9, 2021, Christmas was before the clock for students who got a laptop brand new. Emma, ​​Luna and their buddies get to know him, this gift a surprise.

New arrivals

The lucky beneficiaries are the newcomers to Napoleon. General and Professional Seconds, as well as the early years of CAP and those with a one-year training, are always in CAP. This laptop is loaned to them for the duration of their high school studies.

In total, more than 300 students are now equipped.

In all, 310 computers were provided for secondary school enrollment
In all, 310 computers were provided for secondary school enrollment (© Le Réveil Normand)

This project is the work of the Normandy region, which is investing 60 million euros to provide a computer for new high school students. In Orne, Napoleon High School is the first to make use of the device but others will follow in the coming days.

With the limitations of the past two years, this period has highlighted the “digital divide,” as Claude Juniot, the high school principal insists. This distribution goes towards “a more equitable school with less inequality.”

Comments are confirmed by the class delegate attending the presentation. “In my family, we have a three-person computer and it’s really limited,” she says. In addition, computers were already widely used in the personal works of these former undergraduates, emphasized Malles, who would sometimes produce “work written on a computer.”

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details to settle

It remains to determine the features of the use of this new tool. This is equipped with a basic software. Word processing, recording and video players. Depending on the teachers, other applications can be added.

Among the possibilities, digital access to free brochures. Enough to lighten the bag and you don’t have to worry about forgetting books at home. But the practical details still need to be worked out. What if the computer battery runs out at the end of the day? The device is brand new and the battery should be able to last all day with normal use of the device, but nothing prevents these computers from aging.

Especially since the idea is that these computers will be given back to other new high school students, once their previous owners transition into higher education or the world of work.

Computers equipped with basic software
Computers equipped with basic software (© Le Réveil Normand)

As for the issue of good performance of the facility’s wifi, it will be settled in the first quarter as it will be upgraded. A region-funded development that has incorporated it into its digital package policy budget.

Isabelle Barry represents the students’ parents. You see, this gift for a high school student is a good thing. “It is a balance of all the students. When someone is away, he can receive the documents at home”, notes.

Can a computer permanently replace paper? high school students “Their notes are already taken on the computer”, recalls Claude Juniot. But the director is also pointing the finger at the truth “Writing on a sheet of paper allows you to memorize better”. So you may not switch to 100% digital right away.

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