The Cub platform reveals an amazing new gameplay | Xbox One

Revealed last March at the Future Games Show, The Cub is once again present at the Tribeca Games Spotlight with a new presentation for the game.

survive your life

This new trailer lets us learn more about The Cub and the challenges the protagonist will face. Music remains an important part of the experience and the soundtrack made of “Apocalyptic Melodies” will accompany the instrumentalists on their journey.

In The Cub, humans return to Earth from exile on Mars, and capture a young boy they wish to capture immediately.

Unfortunately, The Cub still has a release date. You will definitely have to be patient before you get your hands on it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch as well as on Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

Explore the ruins of humanity after the great ecological catastrophe that wiped out most civilizations and left our ruins to evolving Mother Nature. Evidence of how humanity went extinct are scattered across the globe, from dilapidated savage towers and deserted gene labs to depleted chemical mines and bloated battlefields. Each level has a story to tell.

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