The developer warns of a “sinister bug that is destroying the world”

Iron Gate, developer Valhaim, She advises all players Save worlds and characters away, As “an evil insect that is destroying the world, still at large.” “

Richard Svenson, Iron Gate CEO, has passed away Twitter To alert the community and Valheim players to find out The studio is still trying to reproduce the bug At least once, which means it affects some players.

Svensson notes that this error “appears to happen a lot more often if you exit the game with alt + F4, so you’d rather go to the menu and exit instead.”

It also indicates in case you didn’t know that Valheim worlds and characters are saved by default to your computer using this path: C: Users Username AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim

It won’t hurt to copy this backup file to a safe place …

Valheim has been a hit for Iron Gate despite being in early access at the moment. It has already sold 1 million units in 8 days. It’s Steam very popular (346,170 peak Feb 14) and also very popular on Twitch. If you’re wondering why everyone is talking about it, IGN France has just posted a simple analysis of this survival game in a Viking environment. It is not just a fad …

Erwan Lavleurel is the Editor-in-Chief of IGN France. A video game slave of 40 years, he only escapes occasionally, mourning his defeats Twitter.

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