These are the 10 best selling apps (other than games)

There is a lot of money to be made with gaming apps. Every app publisher knows this. But how about away from games? Which Android Apps Will Be The Best Selling On The Google Play Store In 2021? We will tell you.

They are diverse, and can be found in stores for countless purposes that our smartphones could not imagine without them: applications. New apps are constantly being introduced, and there are often major changes in the battle of popularity.

Almost three million Android apps are available in the Google Play Store. Hence, selection when installing new applications may take some time.

These 10 Android apps are making the most of the Google Play Store sales worldwide

Of course, mobile games are especially popular among smartphone users. But developers and publishers can also make a lot of money away from games. This applies even if the app itself is free to download.

Analysis experts at Sensortower Checked out the Android apps in the Google Play Store which were the best selling in 2021. We want to present you the results in the weekly ranking. We can really tell you one thing: We weren’t expecting this.

10th place: Pandora

The app is ranked 10th in the ranking Pandora. It is used for streaming music, radio stations, and podcasts and allows saving individual playlists.

Platz 10: Pandora. (Image: Screenshot / Google Play Store)

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