The development journey of Wumpa League, the upcoming multiplayer game from Crash Bandicoot, has been revealed.

Bandicoot Crash It is one of the greatest video game classics that, fortunately, has been slowly revived in recent years. Not only have there been great remakes of the originals, but also new experiences, and now the announcement of what might soon be known as the Turn on the wumpaWhere does this possibility come from? Well of Months of rumors Resulting in curious escape.

Wumpa League, Crash Bandicoot’s jump into competitive multiplayer?

Before going into the details of what the Crash Bandicoot Wumpa league will be like, I leave you on this page. The main image of the leakWith the permission of the user Tweet embed (Many insiders have confirmed the existence of the Wumpa Association):

In case the picture is a little confusing because of the ‘timing’ I’ll explain it looks like the game will be Suffered from internal or other delays. But beyond that, what the Wumpa League offers is:

  • Wumpa League is a game scheduled for console release PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
  • The game was originally scheduled to release sometime in May. October 2021.
  • In terms of content, the game should be launched with. 16 “Heroes” and 13 cards are available.
  • The idea of ​​Wumpa League is that it delivers PvP multiplayer gameWhere users are pitted against each other.

Not much is known yet and things may have changed, but Wumpa League aims to bring Crash Bandicoot into the concept of online gaming, perhaps gaming as a service. The fact that all these plans have been delayed may reflect the following reality Activision has moved a significant portion of its chips to support the development of Call of Duty.. Either way, this Crash Bandicoot game looks very lively, although it’s hard to say when we’ll get official news about it.

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