The EAVS Group: contactless Presidential Meetings thanks to Vivitek NovoConnect

There are still many remote workers and not all meeting rooms are full. However, it was now time to take care of their equipment in order to adapt it to the new restrictions. We mean by that “contactless”. Used to respect distances, greet each other from a distance or facility, it also makes sense to have the least possible interaction with devices and equipment in conference rooms. Vivitek’s NovoConnect solutions address this issue.

Contactless has become the norm

Now that we avoid proximity and contact, imagine having to touch all of the multiple cables, sockets, and appliances in the room and their buttons or even the remote control. This is for connecting your computer, changing the input on the screen, etc. impossible !

The danger is simply to annoy speakers who will always have doubts whether or not they have touched items that have been cleared or not between each meeting. To be calm and attend meetings without questioning, don’t touch anything. This does not mean that the meeting will be oral only, without support or multimedia elements.

The NovoConnect solution requires no connection

Vivitek develops the solution Novoconnect Since 2012. You are allowed to share your screen and thus your documents by displaying them on the room screen. This is without any manipulation except on its own device. In addition, NovoConnect is compatible with the largest videoconferencing systems for local meetings with remote stakeholders.

The four methods of offline communication are:

  • Screen mirroring With Screen Mirroring, you can share your smartphone or tablet’s desktop to the room screen. Just connect it to your Novo device using Airplay (iOS) or Chromecast (Android).
  • NovoConnect app – Click the app, view available NovoConnect device and call, that’s it! You can find this app on Google Play and the App Store.
  • laptop The NovoConnect app can be launched directly from your web browser on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks, without the need to install anything.
  • Launchers Some workers can also use Personal LauncherPlus. Mini PC USB tethering box to directly connect to any NovoConnect device via WiFi.
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Simplified meetings, without health risks or restrictions

In short, Vivitek’s NovoConnect is the number one solution to keep attending meetings while respecting bulkhead gestures and without any contact with room equipment. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, there are four different possibilities for sharing. It’s up to you to choose the one you like best, offline of course!

More information: Vivitic

January 12, 2021


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