LoL: Alienware is back as a leading LEC partner

There is only ten days left for the European League of Legends Championship, LEC for short, to return on January 22, 2021 and begin the exciting 2021 season. Once again, the big names in European Mythology eSports will be out there. As Riot Games announced Monday, January 11, 2021, on the LoL E-Sport homepage, Alienware will return as a lead partner.

According to the announcement, the well-known PC manufacturer for PC games will support the first league with hardware for the third year in a row. Alienware will once again assume the role of PC and monitor partner and provide the right hardware. But the players aren’t just taken care of. LEC analysts will also receive a bonus advantage especially in the third year of the partnership.

Riot Games explains that those may look to Alienware’s Aurora Battlestation to be able to feature certain aspects of the game during broadcast. Alienware will also continue to present Match of the Week in the Spring and Summer. Additionally, German fans can look forward to exclusive content aimed at bringing the week’s match stories closer to their region.

About the partnership

Alienware was founded in 1996 and provides gamers with powerful gaming PCs that are unmatched in technology and design, as confirmed by Riot Games in the press release. The unmistakable Alienware logo is known to every computer gamer and symbolizes quality at the highest level.

Brian de Zias, Global Marketing Director at Alienware, said:

“We are already looking forward to the start of the new LEC season! The new season offers teams, professionals and fans new opportunities to fulfill their dreams. We are proud of our ability to contribute to these dreams.”

Alban Deschlot, Head of European Sponsorship and New Business Relationships in Riot Games’ esports division, says:

“We are delighted to see that in our third year of partnership, Alienware has become more responsive to cultural diversity in Europe. Additional“ Match of the Week ”content shows German LEC fans that the brand has spared no effort to support the local fanbase at LEC, and we are really looking forward to this. The new chapter in our partnership. “

About League of Legends

LoL – THE MOBA next to Dota 2. Millions of players around the world fight in League of Legends daily to improve and reach the top of the rankings. Developer Riot Games’ title has been an integral part of the global esports scene for years. Tournaments such as the LEC and LCS or the annual World Championships offer massive prize money and are organized under highly professional conditions.

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Most recently, the DA-CH region was awarded a new and competitive league format with the Premier League, which is seen as the strongest national competition ever in its first season.

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