The Fall of Babylon will only be online, and it will support cross-game between PC, PS4 and PS5 – Nert 4. Life

The fall of Babylon It will be a game Online only And support Cross play Between PC and PS4 / PS5. New details about the game were provided by the development team in an eleven minute behind-the-scenes video, unfortunately only in Japanese.

Fortunately, the Twisted Voice website summarized the highlights of the interview:

  • The game has a server-client system;
  • It offers a Western and distinctive non-linear view of the higher imagination;
  • The goal of the warriors was to capture the majestic tower of Babylon and pass over all the bases. Inside the tower are also volcanoes and snow-capped mountains;
  • Players can equip two weapons at Gideon Arms. There will be light and strong attacks;
  • Difficulty level easier than NieR: Automata;
  • There will be options for the best players;
  • In weapons, more than swords, hammers, bows, sticks and shields;
  • It’s a hack and slash, so players can continue playing it after the story is over;
  • There is a skill development method, the skill is not based on trees, not at all. Basically it is a game that upgrades you with weapons and armor;
  • The Fall of Babylon will only be online, it will not run offline;
  • Cross-game is supported, but cross-purchase and cross-storage are not supported;
  • You will not pay for additional game modes;
  • PVP is not in the table.

To the rest we remind you that the closed beta of the fall of Babylon is coming soon. The game does not currently have an official release date, although it is expected in 2022.

Veronica Tucker

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