The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 reveal themselves a little more in convincing presentations

Since the announcement of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, many offers have appeared ظهرت It was available online, but it was difficult to separate truth from error. We can once again evaluate thanks to the leaked images that appear to be official.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Flip 3 will cause a lot of ink to flow. But a few weeks before they were introduced by the company, we now know what to expect in terms of design. For several months, various 3D renderings have appeared on the Internet, without official confirmation of their design. The famous lane Evan Blass Just put an end to the suspense by posting pictures that look official.

Galaxy Fold 3 continuous

Regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 3, we can see that the change is not drastic. While rumors have indicated that there is a front camera located below the display, we note that this is not the case in the end. Thus we find a front image sensor in the same place as the previous model.

On the back, the device displays a triple photo module arranged on a vertical island. Once again, we can expect a setup quite similar to that of the Fold 2, with an ultra-wide angle and telephoto lens in addition to the main sensor. Even if the viewing angle is not perfect in the shot, the smartphone looks slimmer than its predecessor. It’s still impossible to tell if there’s a gap between the two parts of the screen when it’s closed, but the Curie seems to have worked on this point.

We finally see the presence of the popular S-Pen, which indicates that the smartphone will be compatible with the smart stylus. However, the presence of the “Fold Edition” annotation on the edge may mean that it is the owner of the latter.

Attractive Galaxy Z Flip 3

The second image allows you to admire the company’s second foldable smartphone, whose name appears to be the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. This second version shows more obvious changes. It therefore has a two-tone design, based on two colors, which is a bit reminiscent of what Google did with its pixels. We have the impression that it has a metal frame, which wouldn’t be much to protect it.

This image also confirms the presence of a much larger screen on the outside, capable of displaying some text. Thus it will be possible to see and respond to notifications better than before. To the right of the latter, Samsung has opted for a dual image sensor that is also positioned vertically. The overall appearance looks very successful.

We must wait now Samsung Unpacked Event, which is supposed to take place around the beginning of August, to store information, especially about devices.

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