The first digital graveyard of players’ avatars goes online

Online players know this: you can meet a person in a game, make friends with him, and at some point his avatar no longer appears. He “died” in the virtual world. In order to give the “bereaved” a place to grieve, the Norwegian web browser provider Opera GX has opened its first digital graveyard. According to the company, this is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

In the Gamer Graveyard, players can “bury” their friends’ characters if they don’t return to the game. Whether it’s because of a job, family responsibilities, or other priorities. “If you die in the metaverse, fortunately you will live in reality,” says Miciej Kocemba, President of Opera GX. “But people still miss you. The online graveyard is a hidden tool with which you can tell friends who have disappeared on Discord (a communication platform; editor’s note) or in One of the games they lost.”

A cemetery with no restrictions on space

Visually, the cemetery has a two-dimensional structure. The 8-bit pixelated pattern gives it the look of an 80s game. Correct funeral music enhances the impression of an old Game Boy. Non-players can also enter the cemetery. All you need is internet access. Registration is not required. It is possible to design a tombstone for the “deceased”. To do this, press the “Bury a friend” button. Then enter the name of the avatar, the date of its last appearance on the Internet, a funeral inscription and press “Bury” (Buried). The headstone is immediately placed in the cemetery and the “funeral” can be shared on social media.

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Photo: Opera GX, Screenshot PRO
“Obituary for a friend who has not sat in front of the keyboard for a long time” (AFK = away from the keyboard): The tombstone is supposed to remember the former player

Then there is the opportunity to pay your respects to the “dead” while looking at the tombstone. This is done, just like any player, by pressing the F key.” A virtual identity is part of the metaverse: it is an extension of your physical life. When your playing life suffers, Kocemba adds, it needs a place to bury. The advantage of the Gamer Graveyard is that it It has unlimited space.There are no charges for tombstone, burial, or maintenance.

From: Marc-Lukas Seidlitz

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