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While 6G is already beginning to reach the end of its antennas, Commown and TeleCoop are teaming up to offer a smartphone + mobile subscription offering under the Sobriety label.

In June 2020, the Citizens Climate Agreement submitted its 150 proposals to the government. Among them, a proposal to stop the deployment of 5G. The government quickly rejected this measure with the help of a new “Joker” while taxing its Amish promoters. Today, the ARCEP “consultations” have begun to deploy the 26 GHz bands, and we have already been told about the deployment of 6G at the European level.

While digital technology is already responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions (this could rise to 8% by 2025!), we are witnessing a real technology rush that will increase these emissions. And all this at the expense of environmental and social transformation, as well as at the expense of citizens who have remained too far from the technological choices imposed on us.

Returning power to citizens and prioritizing the challenges of environmental and social transformation is at the core TeleComown offers that. This offering arose from a natural amalgamation of two cooperatives (Common and TeleCoop) that shared the same values ​​and the same legal status: the SCIC. This situation ensures that the collective interest takes precedence over the search for profits in the company. This legal form, a common point lycorns, which structurally motivates your cooperatives to collaborate. In addition, sobriety is at the heart of the concerns of these two co-ops, which have joined in launching the FairTEC Group, which advocates the emergence of more responsible digital technology.

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« The development of a collaboration between TeleCoop, the leading collaborative telecom operator, and Commown, a cooperative that offers an innovative mobile rental with services, was straightforward. At a time when the environmental impacts of digital technology are only increasing, it is important to offer robust alternatives to guide citizens towards responsible consumption methods that respect the environment and people. »

Marion Griffley – Co-founder of TeleCoop

Photo: © Common

TeleCommown’s offering offers an approach that contrasts with the model of traditional phone offerings based on unlimited access and smartphones “for another €1”, practices in the sector that particularly encourage refurbishment of terminals. Simply customers who will subscribe (before the end of 2021) to both TeleCoop To subscribe to their mobile phone and on common For Fairphone rentals you get discounts every month: €1 discount in TeleCoop, €1.50 in Commown on all bills until December 2022 initially. This offer aims to convince 200 new customers to stick to sobriety! If the goal is reached, the show will continue!

« We’re excited to see TeleCommune’s offer pay off! Be warned, however: if customers are invited to immediately subscribe to TeleCoop, it’s a good idea to question their needs before subscribing to Commown! In fact, the most responsible smartphone is the one we already own … So our joint offer should not encourage early renewal of peripherals. It would be absurd! »

Adrien Montagut – Co-founder of Commown

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