The free 70GB series costs €10.99 per month for a few more days

The free 70GB series mobile plan is on sale for a few more days, until January 9, 2022. You can subscribe to it at €10.99 per month, without obligation. Feedback on the services included in the offer.

If you want a cheap mobile plan with an internet envelope of over 50GB, the Free Mobile coupon that is still valid for 2 days may interest you. The free 70GB series at €10.99 is back on the mobile operator’s website until January 9, 2022. Like other times, the offer is obviously non-binding and allows you to cancel whenever you want, at no additional cost.

After the first 12 months, the package automatically switches to a 5G Free Mobile 150 GB package at € 19.99 for non-Freebox and unlimited for subscribers. Regarding the services included in the Free 70 Go series, we have a file Internet envelope 70 GB in 4G + for use in Metropolitan France. Also, if you travel occasionally, you benefit from an envelope 10 GB of Internet from Europe and DOM.

Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS (eurozone and external sections) are also part of the game. In mainland France and overseas departments (except for the island of Mayotte), the operator provides unlimited SMS and calls to mobile phones and landlines. The 3-SIM card is compatible with all mobile phones and the bill is paid once up to 10€ when subscribing to the package.

Finally, if you are not convinced by this new free mobile offer, you can now come back to our comparison of the best mobile plans according to your budget and needs or even the best deals on 5G mobile plans.

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