The free games of July 2021 are marked by a leak, but there are doubts –

We are now at the end of June 2021 and can’t wait to find out what the PlayStation players are Free games PS4 and PS5 Dell B.S. Next month. This announcement is not far off, but in the meantime we have the opportunity to read a leak from the German site Mydels, which was announced by some users on Reddit. As indicated, we should get A Blake Story: Innocent, WRC 9 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

More precisely, a plague story: innocence is said to come in the PS5 version, so we can assume that WRC 9 will be included in the PS4 version (the game supports free upgrade, so the PS5 version should be added automatically as well). The fact that a Blake Tale Innocence was at the center of other rumors is, in fact, the PS5 / Xbox Series X | We also note that the S version is over July 6, The day the PS Plus titles were released. You should also know that in the past, Mydels has correctly pointed out the upcoming PS Plus titles.

A Blake Story: Innocence

But there are deities Doubts. The original discussion of the German site was canceled at one point, which is a sign that – perhaps – the reviewers considered the leak unsubstantiated or at least not safe enough to allow it to be active. For now, we know about the free PS Plus games of July 2021.

The official announcement should happen within a few days, so there is nothing to do but wait. A Black Tale: Speaking of innocence, it comes in the cloud version of the Nintendo Switch, here is the trailer and release.

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