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Gabriel Bjர்க்rk Stearnstrom has published some on his artstation Artwork Shows the work efficiency of Notice trailer of Elton Ring, The most anticipated new game from FromSoftware, none of which seems certain.

Sternstrom published a long post on Reddit Work Performed by: “This is my first work for Digic Pictures, I created this conceptual art two years ago, in January 2019. I don’t know what project I’m working on; I know who the customer is From the software. Like everyone else I learned about the project and the game when it was shown on E3. This should explain why I know so little about sports.

In short, Stearnstrom worked almost blindly, so to speak, and explained that the works of art shown later were created for demonstration purposes, and were finally to be delivered to Framsoftware, but only after internal approval.

Fans can try to read anything in the artwork, but Stearnstrom noted that he knows nothing about the plans of Elton Ring or From Software.

For more Elton Ring Trailer artwork, please visit Gabriel Bjர்க்rk Stearnstrom at the ArtStation.

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