The game remains open for the ticket in the second round of the presidential election

It is no longer certain that a right-wing candidate or Emmanuel Macron will be diagnosed in the second round


by Jean-Michel Lamy

What if, this time, Alan Mink was right? In his latest book, My Life with Karl Marx, the essayist portrays the one who discovered class struggles, who made them the engine of reform, who created social democracy, who praised the play of social forces, who brought light to the existence and vitality of civil society. These are the elements of the puzzle that will form the infrastructure for the presidential vote. They can thwart all stories that are currently being delivered by various polling institutes.

The pacifying foundation of the Fifth Republic has evaporated

The current speculation is that it is a long calm river for a candidate from the classic right or Emmanuel Macron himself, who is drawn into the second round, and is certain to win the Elysee. This predictive scheme “authorizes” the two outsiders, Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse, to focus everything they have on government actions while allowing other competitors’ projects to flourish. For all of those, it’s exhaust free. Everyone’s structural weaknesses are hidden. Suddenly, every “luck” side imagines being in the final. which will modify the cards that are dealt previously.

“Far from frequently arranged and above-ground surveys, the dynamics of clusters operate in the company. These are agglomerations around a conviction that is fundamental and vital. Whether it is a radical environment or a radical ‘Zemmour’

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Far from frequently arranged and above-ground polls, the dynamics of the blocks run through the community. These are communities around a conviction that is essential and vital. They can make breakthroughs – and more if kinship – in public opinion. Whether it is a radical environment or a radical “Zemmour”.

The games take place under the restrictions on political life for five years. After Jacques Chirac, the first new streak, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and then Emmanuel Macron all saw the “general” time shrink. Each time, various crises disrupted its political momentum. Only the confrontation between the leader remains […]

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