You can travel through time in this simulation of the universe

Space – infinite spaces. You can now explore them virtually, including time travel. Our discovery shows you how to do just that.

Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson too, and Elon Musk did it anyway — we’re talking about space tourism. The news of the past few weeks and months gives the impression that trips like this could soon become a reality for ordinary people like you and me. But you still need a lot of money to be able to afford a vacation in the universe. or a computer.

Uchuu is a virtual simulation of the universe

Uchuu – a Japanese word meaning “universe” – is the name of the project by an international group of researchers, and it is exactly that: a virtual simulation of the universe.

The cube-shaped pattern consists of a total of 2.1 trillion particles, is 9.63 billion light-years on each side and spans over three-quarters of the distance from Earth to the most distant galaxies. In addition, the simulation shows the universe over a period of 13.8 billion years – from the Big Bang to the present day.

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With all the details of Uchuu – you cannot search for your home or your home planet in the model, the lowest level of detail is the individual galaxies. But you can travel through time and “see what’s happening everywhere and at every point in time in the universe,” compared Julia Irisa, who uses Uchuu in her science work. Next Web to explain.

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Uchuu provides insights into the universe that never existed before. (Photo: Uchuu)

to use it on you Download Uchuu. Then you can look forward to stunning images and possibly unique visions of the universe.

For Nerds: The Technology Behind Uchuu

The technology behind Uchuu is just as impressive as the simulation itself, using Aterui II, the most powerful supercomputer in astronomy. It consists of 1,005 nodes, more than 40,000 cores and 20 Intel Xeon Gold 6148 processors, each clocked at 2.4GHz. The entire system has 385 TB of RAM, 6.5 petabytes of hard disk space and a peak performance of over three petaflops.

If you can’t imagine anything or even a little – welcome to the club. But the fact that it took about a year to recreate the virtual universe also has a certain significance. Uchuu is believed to contain three petabytes of information – the equivalent of about 900 billion high-resolution photos taken with a smartphone. In short: Uchuu right, really big.

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