The Gran Turismo 7 has the highest average user rating ever in Metacritic for Sony exclusives –

Controversy surrounding the latest update Gran Turismo7 They do not seem to have softened, so one can be proud of the sad record that the game has Average rating of users Less than before MetacriticFor at least one PlayStation exclusive.

At the time of writing this post is the average rating of users for both the PS4 version and the PS5 version 2.5 / 10. No PlayStation Studios game has done badly in the 27 years that Metacritic has been running.

The bombardment of negative reviews has been exacerbated by problems with servers that have not been able to access the game for thirty hours, due to declining rewards given by certain species in favor of micro-transactions.

World of Warriors 4 for PS4 with 2.9, followed by NBA 10 for PSP with 3.0 and Cool Porters 2001 with 3.3 for PS1 was the previous tough record. Each of these three games has only a few reviews, while the Gran Turismo 7 has over 3,600 reviews.

Of course, the rejection of Gran Turismo 7 is a reaction to the policies of the votes cast Monetization Not the real verdict of the game and against it. Also, many negative reviews indicate that the game is very good. In fact, we face the form of resistance rather than an important action.

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