The intercity open world game comes out this week

the new Pig: Between cities The game must be released in Roblox this week. The open-world horror game is scheduled to launch on Friday 15 January or Saturday 16 January.

Mona Toon (MiniToon sur Roblox) -the original Pig Content Creator: Confirm with a date Pig: Between cities Release date via Twitter. It was supposed to be launched earlier, but MiniToon claims it lost its development due to a different reason Roblox Customer service interruption.

Pig: Between cities Is the planned follow-up PigOne of the most famous people Roblox Games on the platform. Unlike the original, Between cities It is an open world survival game, where players have to fight against the injured. In other words, the stage and stakes will be higher in the new game.

at Between cities Players will search for food, weapons, and survival items. True about Pig In the figure, the injured will be on the hunt, although it is not yet clear how many infected people roam the open world.

Although not much is known about him Pig: between cities, Character customization will be a feature of the game, and iconic characters such as Georgie the Piggy, Mousy and Giraffy (some with updated looks) will be available according to Antixx.

L’original Pig, It premiered in January 2020, and has since grown to over seven billion visits and over eight million favorites, with a daily player count of around 60,000. Whether or not Pig: Between cities The same hit heights have yet to be determined, but we’ll be sure to cover any new announcements when the game launches this weekend.

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