Marie Ndiaye was not surprised by the far-right attacks on her brother, Bab Ndiaye, who is responsible for national education

The writer, Prix Goncourt 2009, reacts specifically to the far-right attacks against her brother rue de Grenelle’s candidacy.

It was undoubtedly this appointment that caused the most reaction: on Friday evening, Bab Ndiaye became Minister of National Education in Elizabeth Bourne’s new government. The arrival of this historian aroused the indignation of many far-right figures, in particular Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. Marie Ndiaye, 2009 Goncourt Prize for Three strong women And the sister of the new minister, they reacted on Saturday on RTL:

“Of course, we were expecting it. It is not surprising. When you accept this kind of quest, you also accept what is extremely distasteful. […] I admire him for accepting that he’s not exactly the same anymore, but also that he’s a character we attack in a ridiculous, totally stupid way.

“This is the game”

On Twitter, the head of the National Assembly described Bab Ndiaye as a “supposed original”, considering his appointment “the last stone in the dismantling of our country.” Eric Zemmour, for his part, estimated that the new minister would “take charge” of “the dismantling of the history of France”. Marie Ndiaye replied: “This is nonsense! What nonsense…”:

“It’s the game (…) I might find it embarrassing to call it Zemmour and Luban. He’s not, and he never will be, and that’s all to his credit.”

“My brother is someone who is never an extremist or radical,” the author adds. “He is someone who seeks agreement and consensus. He is someone who, I believe, is deeply searching for peace. Not peace that hides conflicts, but enlightened peace.”

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anti lining

The appointment of Bab Ndiaye is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of this cabinet reshuffle, as it is far from the Jean-Michel Blanquer who preceded him on the Rue du Grenelle. In particular about the concept of the “Islamic left”, which the latter presented as an “unquestionable social fact” in February 2021 on BFMTV. The day before, Pap Ndiaye was placed on the opposite end On the microphone of France Inter:

He explained that “this term does not refer to any reality in the university, but rather is a way to stigmatize research currents.” “The idea of ​​the Islamic left has defined forms of drift from the pro-Palestinian left to anti-Semitism. It has been adopted by the extreme right to qualify all anti-racist movements, all those who deal with discrimination.”

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