The Joker virus infects more than 500,000 Huawei smartphones via the Chinese manufacturer’s app store

More than 500,000 Huawei smartphones are infected with malware – Gecko

Joker malware It is not over. After many victims claim through the Play Store, and hide in seemingly innocent apps, malware is now spreading through the App Store.
Huawei, AppGallery. It would have infected more than 500,000 smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer.

This is not the least Of the 10 apps containing the joker Who ends up in AppGallery, after dodging the store’s security checks. These innocent-looking apps require extensive permissions when installed, in order to gain some control over them.
smart phones That they are installed on.

Thanks to these broad permissions, already infected apps can remotely connect to a server to download additional files. They can also intercept SMS notifications and access their content to retrieve identifiers, for example, or verification codes for a specific service. By intercepting text messages, the malware avoids raising suspicion in its victims.

Online banking data

Authors Joker malware Aiming to make money. This is why they will try to subscribe their victims to the paid services that they control, but they can also try to retrieve the bank details of their victims and empty their accounts.

More than 500,000 Huawei smartphones are infected with malware – Geeko

Here is a list of fraudulent apps:

  • Superkeyboard (com.nova.superkeyboard)
  • Happy Color (com.colour.syuhgbvcff)
  • Fun Color (com.funcolor.toucheffects)
  • New 2021 Keyboard (com.newyear.onekeyboard)
  • Camera MX (com.sdkfj.uhbnji.dsfeff)
  • BeautyPlus Camera (
  • RollingIcon color (com.hwcolor.jinbao.rollingicon)
  • Funney Meme Emoji (
  • Happy Clicking (com.tap.tap.duedd)
  • Messenger All-in-One (com.messenger.sjdoifo)

If you have downloaded any of these apps to your smartphone, hurry up and delete it. Also, remember to run an antivirus program to verify that your smartphone is not infected with malware. Also, make sure to use apps from popular developers and publishers.

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