The Last Epoch is set to feature legendary weapons and the first endgame dungeon on December 10.

On December 10, the Last Epoch will present its final update, the Eternal Legends Update. In patch 0.8.4, players will have the opportunity to play a new end-game dungeon, Temporal Sanctum, where, upon completion, they can craft the first legendary item. This is not all that is planned for the game in the patch, as players will have new skills, new character models, items, a revamped crafting system, as well as a whole series.Other changes.

The last era has made huge progress in 2021. Last September, the Eleventh Hour Games team brought their Magasa sand class to the game, which has led to some new areas and modest improvements. Next week, Patch 0.8.4 will be released, and with it, a lot of new features, druid reworks, and the exciting inclusion of legendary items. Here is a short list of what players can expect from the Eternal Legends update:

  • priest repair
    • She was carrying the review
    • Refonte de Spurgeon
    • Swarmblade Revelation
    • tangled roots
  • New Primitive Skill – Revolution
  • new guard model
  • Spears – Pistol Repair
  • New Endgame Dungeon: Temporal Shrine
  • Legendary items & ; lair of eternity
  • Developed crafting system
  • Thief’s new skill
  • New Witch and Helper Character Models
  • Revamped character selection screen
  • New unique items
  • Bug fixes and more

Legendary items will be one of the biggest changes in the game, and Eleventh Hour Games didn’t want players to jump into the new system without an exhaustive explanation. In a recent blog post, lead developer Michael Weicker provided detailed information on how players can obtain Legendary items, which are primarily only available from single items with a new feature called Legendary Potential. Once players receive an item with legendary capabilities, they will need an Exalted item of the same type, with four unsealed titles, which will then need to be converted into a legendary item using the immortal store.

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It doesn’t seem difficult, but the problem is that players can only access the Eternity Cache by completing the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. You can read more information about the Legendary Item System in the official blog post. The Last Epoch is currently in Early Access, and has been in development for over 4 years. The 11 Hour Games team is planning to release the Last Epoch in 2022.

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