The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay – First Shot of the HBO TV Series with

The celebrations for The Last of S Day ended with the naughty dog ​​offering a little taste of the last highly anticipated final. HBO TV series From Our last, With The first official film With Joel and Ellie, played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, respectively.

The first shot of the live-action adaptation of the naughty dog ​​title captures the two protagonists of the show, who observe the remnants of the crashed plane from a distance. Unfortunately we can not see the two characters on the face, but at least the picture reveals a great deal of attention to detail about similar clothes and bags to virtual colleagues.

After all, he is involved in the project Neil Truckman, Co-chairman of Naughty Dog and the creative director and lead writer of The Last of Us, he wrote the script and was one of five directors to direct HBO’s live-action adaptation.

Is the first television production of the Lost of Us TV series PlayStation Productions, A studio created by Sony to turn its first parties’ exclusive games into works on the big and small screen. Pedro Pascal (The Montalorian) will be Joel and Bella Ramsay (Game of Thrones) will be Ellie. The series is expected to cover the events of The Last of the First. The production deadline is set for June 2022, following which the first season airs on HBO.

Veronica Tucker

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