The legendary series “Mobile Suit Gundam” from 1979 will be broadcast for the first time in France

The 43 episodes of the original series of this monument to Japanese culture will be broadcast for the first time in France starting Tuesday.

The original series Mobile pod Gundam, Which aired 43 episodes in Japan in 1979 and 1980, will be available for the first time in France, Announces Monday evening the Crunchyroll broadcast platform.

This is an event that Japanese animation fans have been waiting for for years, who revere his very innovative realization at the time: “It was created in 1979 by Yoshiyuki Tomino, This series of Gundam It is the first in the saga, the one that revolutionized the giant robot in animation, “the platform said in a press release.

The series was previously released in the form of three films that combine cult scenes. The first ten episodes of the series will be available on Tuesday, January 26th. The rest will arrive “soon” in batches of ten, says Crunchyroll.

More popular than Star Wars

More popular in Japan than star WarsAnd the Mobile pod Gundam An intergalactic epic consisting of about thirty films, series and OAVs (films intended for video exploitation) that narrates the confrontation during World War III between the Confederation and the independence forces of the Duchy of Zion. Here is the official summary:

“In the year 0079 of the global century, the satellite colonies of the Duchy of Zion claim their independence. They have attacked the Earth Federation, armed with a new prototype of weapons, the Mobile Suit. As the war rages on, the Union prepares to respond in the greatest secrecy, in a distant colony. But this person is under attack. Surprisingly from Zeon, and to prevent these new weapons from falling into the enemy’s hands, an improvised crew begins the fight, made up of young military recruits, but also civilians, that’s how young Amuru Rai found himself driving a white vehicle, the Gundam …

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Society phenomenon in Japan, Gundam suit mobile It is so deeply rooted in the life of the archipelago that two gigantic statues inspired by the program have been created in recent years. A giant statue of 18 meters high and weighing 25 tons, the result of six years of work, sparked great excitement last September, when a video clip showing it in a full test spread on Twitter.

Singer Charles Aznavour inspired one of the most charismatic characters in the series, Char Azanabel. The author of the series, Yoshiyuki Tomino, is a huge fan of a translator Bohemian And this character was invented by a name very close to the name of the artist with 1200 songs to honor him. Pioneering character Mobile suit gundam, Char Aznabel is a prominent character in Japan, the equivalent of Darth Vader in the Intergalactic Saga star Wars.

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