A game video medium with the first 28 minutes on the Xbox Series X.

Middle, Shown on the Blooper team’s new horror game, a Video of Sports The game caught on, with the first 28 minutes of the campaign Xbox Series X. Issued by IGN

Available on Xbox Game Boss on January 28th, Medium tells the story History It allows a woman with psychic abilities to go into two interconnected worlds.

The video actually represents the introductory part Rural areas, Which allows us to introduce the protagonist of the adventure and the events that lead her to explore the chaotic rooms of Niva Resort.

With an ambiguous morality within the depths of an adult story, there is nothing visible, there is a second face to everything.

As a medium, you can see, hear and feel more than anyone else, and your understanding of Niva Resort events will change with each new perspective you integrate.

Officially patented unprecedented game, it allows you to play between two worlds shown simultaneously.

Explore the physical and spiritual worlds at the same time and use the connections between them to solve dual reality puzzles, open new avenues and evoke memories of past events.

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Veronica Tucker

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