The lowest number of players on Battlefield 2042, everyone gets a refund

Battlefield 2042 is in a very bad state, with very few players online. And many will get you a refund.

A year ago no one expected Battlefield 2042 to be what it is now. A video game that would revolutionize the entire history of FPS and bring back the name of the battlefield. Shooter Dice Ed She, In fact, it was called to improve what happened after the start of Chapter Number V, which was not appreciated by the majority of users.

The lowest number of players on Battlefield 2042, everyone gets a refund

In fact, there are actually many who do not appreciate that game A significant step back from Battlefield 1, From every perspective. The title in question is, in fact, unbelievable from the point of view of sports, history, and locations. This Battlefield was the most important load in 2042, and should be a remake of Battlefield 3 that won practically everyone.

Unfortunately this is not the case, as we wrote to you during the video review phase, the title is far from what everyone expected from the title. And he displaced them all, The best-selling console in 2022 is more than could be.

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Battlefield 2042 has very few players, with a refund for users

B2042 Steam Withdrawal Email
B2042 Steam Withdrawal Email

The situation on Battlefield 2042 is so complex that the number of players is declining dramatically every month. And the situation is getting worse every day, so a truly incredible decision has been made on steam. Battlefield 2042 and many say they bought it They demand a refund on Wolverine’s platform, They get their money back, a tough decision As the software is now available. The platform surpassed the popular two-hour game before asking every player for a refund.

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In this case, however, it seems that Valve makes an exception, at least in the dramatic situation where the video game exists.

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